​How did we end up alone again?

I thought this was your party.

Thought I was just your friend.

And knowing you’ve been doing what you like…

I’m trying not to imagine you and…

Let’s give in, this time.

I’ve got another life, and it’s waiting for me.

But this is something real, I can’t ignore.

 We can split the blame, if you agree. 

Light the incense.

Lock the bedroom door.

So soft. Your hands and this bed.

So warm. My lips and your legs.

And I can’t believe that I’ve ever been gone…

The arc of your current,

Just screaming your song.

It’s violent but righteous,

Your echoes ring on, somewhere.

How do we use it to heighten the pain,

When loving feels better than hiding away,

I feel that you want me,

But you just don’t need me to stay…

And I’ve got some conscience,

I don’t want you crying over me.

 You have to know that I don’t want to go. 

It’s been a while now, you’ve been saying more is what you need.

And for all that’s gone down, in this bittersweet… I can’t keep hurting you.

I love you, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t leave.

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