If you know my twin, Then you know why I shine Like a high-beam, Cutting clean Through the thick of the night. If you know my twin, You know why Heaven awaits. I (He) take(s) the blame, and (I) he take(s) the cake. One to rule the night, One to rule the day. I’d burn […]

Lil Boy

Was the trip like a fall, when you took it? Was a tear like a river that rolled? Was the line like a trench, when you crossed it? Lil Boy, believe me, I know… That this world is a puzzle as you learn it, Will you learn “As above, So below?” These are the things […]


Come Children, be witness to the Miracle. Come Children, turn your heads around. Face the brightening beam that leads you now to the Lantern of The Sky. Believe me, when I say there is nothing wrong… With admitting where you fail, and what you do not know. I was once where you are… I walked […]


I’ll crush your bones, but break no skin. Hallowed hands branding our sticky-sweet sin. Knees pressed to your chest, I’ll take the bubbling love within, And turn it out. Make it new again… If we slip, we won’t break when we bend, But if we stick, there will be no end… We’ll wear it back out, into […]


Between you and I… Yes, I love it. Uncovering you. Much is hidden. But I’m a patient gatherer; I bury my ankles in shallow water, and collect sand dollars by the pound. I offer them to you, but you refuse to take; You insist on joining the hunt. You swallow gritty mud, and vomit pearls […]


  To me, it had meant so much When you pulled me into yourself. I had only wanted to stay Locked into this struggle, forever With you. Our fangs clashed. But our gazes matched. And I felt more alive Than I swear I’ve ever been… Butterscotch kisses Over yellow skin, Have their own way of […]