When I found you, You were cornered in the caves. I picked you from the rock walls, And stripped you of your shame. I offered you my strength. I gifted you a name. And together, we ascended Into this Golden Age. Do you remember Your days in the dark? Or the beasts that had threatened […]


Way too fine… I mean, you had me blind-sided. I was waiting in line, And suddenly struggling to fight it… The urge to address you, And the desire to impress you We were looking everywhere, Besides each other’s eyes… You were just so elegant. I was much too shy. Studying the floor, This is the […]


Sometimes I still hear the Screaming in my head When I lay down for bed When I sit down to eat. Sometimes I still find myself Grinding my teeth When a father yells at his child In the street. And I know it’s not right, I know I may be damaged. But part of me […]


Sometimes I wonder if I’ll learn to leave you, Ever, ever. Wonder if I’ll learn to get high without you Ever. Everybody out here Has a whole lot of time, If you ask it in youth, Messing with you Is an endless adventure. See, I can resist  Your venomous lips, For your aftertaste Of bitterness… […]

What Happened At Flint Ridge Falls

It was a strange sensation to me, How right it felt to feel nothing at all, As we crept up the stone-faced wall At Flint Ridge Falls. And I was told the story Of Darting Moth, Who committed herself To the frothing mouth Of the landscape’s namesake As her lover’s younger brother Came too late […]


Of course, it had always been in the back of my mind… I’d wondered, many times before What would happen If I ever found  One like me. Out here, in the shallows, Everybody wants to  Eat. And I always find a way To answer hunger’s prayer, Snatching up The prey. But what if I find […]


He was the Next gumball to fall. Somehow, an ignorant witness… Who never met his Saviour, though he knew her. He was a basket of wilted daisies, Left on the stoop Of a haunted house… A house saturated with the Vile vibrations of a Faceless Fiend, Who never got over The loss of a sister […]


There is a planet Known to all the stars. Its clouds are dense, and its core is dark. And a strange creation, My private abomination, Is living inside. Yes, Gran Chinche is alive. He patrols the amber skies, Lesser beasts blinded by the bloody mist That rains forever, From his perpetual feast. Yes, the sky […]


When you hit it, you can feel it. Target acquired. Unmistakable form. This is the core, Smash it to pieces, Shatter the force field. When you hit it, you’ll know. Heat-seeking missles Advertise cool-down features That never fail. Eject, or be incinerated. When the atom splits, Her reality shifts… Love flows free, love pours. When […]