Home Again

There were times I’d imagine those were your hands. I’d space out, start breathing through my mouth, and let my head tilt back. All too suddenly, it would end. I’d admire my¬†fresh haircut in the barbershop mirror. And I’d leave to go home again. There were times I’d see you in everyone I’d encounter. Some […]

Paper Doll

She was made for this, She was the vibration of marbles falling to the hardwood floor. And the jolting sound of playful knocking at my knobless bedroom door. She was a faint calling to the kitchen, from the bottom of the stairs. She was the stifled sobbing of a heavy head, demanding I be there. […]


A year from the day that we’d last spoken, I popped my hundredth bottle open. I dialed your number, I was hoping To hear your answer, pre-recorded. I didn’t expect you to press ‘Accept’, So I was getting everything off my chest. Pouring my heart out to your answering machine, I took a pause, and […]

Love Letters

Flipping through the pages of a fading memory, Ragged edges, curling inward, I’m searching for the letters, and the rhythm When assembled, they become a beacon to your shores. This thing in me is designed Not to tell you that I miss you, Not to say I need you here, But to let you know […]