I close my eyes. Unclench my teeth. Exhale my pain. And fall to sleep… But in this flesh, There burns a flame… It tastes of death. It tastes of me… But it’s mine to have and hold. Yeah, it’s mine to bend or fold… So now, there’s nobody left in the world. When I close […]

The Chase

Last time I chased some tail, It belonged to a dragonfly. Or an ice cream truck, Passing by. I’ve been seeking what’s worth keeping… but that information is classified. Through your childhood’s lens, stare to The deities of the season, and ask them why. Mn  

Papa Duende’s Other Room

I ruined another butter-knife On the irradiated marshmallow spread I’m redirecting across this bread, With all the precision You could expect From your Papa. I must throw it out. Now I’m in a bad mood. And to top it off, The coffee pot is teeming with mold… But I never use it. Thank God. I’ll […]


Acres of misty forest Are suddenly disrupted By mossy speckles of stone That grow closer together and more numerous, The deeper we travel into the dense woodlands… Miles of rocky marsh are crossed over and the trees dwindle away before daylight reveals a paved path leading right up the the lookout tower of ClearWater Pond […]

Mostly Human

Out from the shallows, Into the river… The fear of dilution, I still remember… You can’t be serious, When you say forever… You swallowed me whole, So the 🌍 could be better… Out from your pan, and Into the fire… Canopy daydreams, I bore in the briars… My stamina, energy, my love Is unending… I […]


17th floor Of a Merry Yacht I got caught Lookin awful funny. I got stretched out. All around the perimeter.  Like a silly putty. Like a netted fish. Blue-gilled, and gutted. On the 17th floor Of a Merry Yacht.