From the apple of your eye, To the soles of your feet… Back up to your belly, No, I cannot believe… Deserving to be served, And I am at worship, Believe me when I whisper “I’ll eat you alive”… Ready, and so willing To bring you to the limit, I’m prepared to give it All, […]


If “on your own” is what you wanna be, Don’t say I didn’t care. If “your own thing” is what you wanna do, Just set yourself free. Guess all you wanted was a piece of me… But that’s not what I want to be.


I grew up in a Melting Pot And it was hard, as it was hot. I grew up in a sinking spot, With brothels and fossils In my own backyard. I watched a legacy of segregation Transform into a beautiful Micro-Nation, Where children like me Could flourish as the seeds Of love, and racial miscegenation. […]


Are you afraid That I might tell Your little secret? Knowing that I have nothing to lose, And that the right thing to do is to tell the truth… You must live in fear Of my tongue… And his ear…


The more they come, The less I feel. The deeper the cut, The faster I heal. The closer I’m getting, I can be like the wind… I’m becoming like nothing, But every last thing.


I hit my head… And found the edge. Or maybe I was always there. I saw the lie, In its disguise… But at this time, I find it hard to care. And yes, the truth Is I’m still falling. And yes, the truth was always calling. The secret is, There’s never been a bottom. Not […]


Before I met you in the rain, I was so afraid… I couldn’t think beyond the day… But nothing could convince me Of what I didn’t want to see. So I told myself I was ready for the fade… You said we shouldn’t live like that, It’s not the way to be. And looking back, […]