I wanna please her more Than I want to dress her in precious threads, Spun by holy hands. More than even I need to hold those Knees to her chest, Our bodies pressed… Both at play, and at heavenly rest. Against the dimming Moonlight canvas, I don’t believe she is real. Sorcery-born Automaton, She shines like […]


Trust their life experience, And honor the lessons they’ve learned When they openly share these with you. Prove that you care more For their feelings And respecting their virtues, Than you do about “being right.” That you are more invested in Your collective growth Than you are disappointed in Their shortcomings. Realize that character flaws […]

Life As Noel

I’m a happy man With a good life, And a lot of gifts That are wrapped loosely… And I peep the edges Of the Rocking Horse Who will fearlessly tread The unplotted course. I’d like to be loved. But I’d rather be known. And when I am known, Then love me again. I need to […]

Leave it

We could never get it together. I bet you blame me, Because I do too. I die inside, when I want to reach out To you. So much good. So much fun. Your memory, I will never run from. Your requests of me, I will hear… And never shun. My heart whispers harshly, “What are […]


Y’all really think It’s still cool To show the children images Of the big, bearded, brown-skinned man Whose crime is his geographical alignment And whose physical traits Are to be viscerally hated… Even now in modern times, As the land of his descendants has been Inundated. With bloodflow. To say Goliath is a giant, you’re […]


Might get mad… But never too down. I find relief In the seeping streams Of Laffin’ Gas That pass Through the gaps In-between The crooked teeth Of The Crying Clown. I crack up In the aftermath Of calamity. Because when the Joke, the Coast, And the Smoke Are all clear… All that’s left is Laffin’ Gas… […]