Class Clown

Goodmorning, Ms. Morrison! Welcome to Jean Gordon: The finest elelmentary school In all of New Orleans… Where kids can get hip To the precious ettiquette Of pinky extending With every chocolate milk sip… So they’ll grow up To be somebody important. Goodmorning, Ms. Morrison! It’s your favorite student… The one you call “special”, With a […]

Woman Named Wolf

Wolf was wild at 33, She spread her deadly novelties And told me there was chemistry My bare brown eyes still couldn’t see She spread her love out Like disease And left me Floating in a puddle. Softly. I floated. Raindrops dressed me. I changed color. So long before I faked A drowning death. Wolf […]

U and X

Do you feel alone? I know those arms, and that’s okay. Do you feel alone? There is that man, he does stand tall. But do you feel alone? Do you feel alone? There is that Unpredictable epic Written in the lines of your palms But do you feel alone? Do you feel alone? Do you […]


Shallow, one-sided conversations, Leading to regretful instances Of passive relations Are this new, and overexposed Cellular generation’s Answer to the call of modern dating. And that’s a strong case to be argued For faithful dedication To inventive masturbation.

On my knees

My grandmother used to tell me To get on my knees and Clutch my rosary, To pray before bed. Then, my mother taught me It wasn’t necessary; God didn’t need me on my knees To hear me. I remember my new, casual conversations With On High, And slowly, over many years, I stopped praying altogether. […]


I think you were once A child. I think you were hurting. I don’t know what your Gospel Sounds like in your own head. But I know what it looks like On many a canvas. I know what it sounds like When it sends us to bed. I forgive ya. Not for the others. But […]