He was the Next gumball to fall. Somehow, an ignorant witness… Who never met his Saviour, though he knew her. He was a basket of wilted daisies, Left on the stoop Of a haunted house… A house saturated with the Vile vibrations of a Faceless Fiend, Who never got over The loss of a sister […]


There is a planet Known to all the stars. Its clouds are dense, and its core is dark. And a strange creation, My private abomination, Is living inside. Yes, Gran Chinche is alive. He patrols the amber skies, Lesser beasts blinded by the bloody mist That rains forever, From his perpetual feast. Yes, the sky […]


When you hit it, you can feel it. Target acquired. Unmistakable form. This is the core, Smash it to pieces, Shatter the force field. When you hit it, you’ll know. Heat-seeking missles Advertise cool-down features That never fail. Eject, or be incinerated. When the atom splits, Her reality shifts… Love flows free, love pours. When […]


What could be better Than a moonlit regret? I am the Adversary, I am the Enemy. The boy you learn To love the most; I am the Aguamalas, I am the CrawDaddy. My soul, As rotten as the crust On a catfish head In the Gulf Coast Sun. This skin, As sticky as the mud […]


Doesn’t matter What my trip is, I’m always mounted at the precipice Of my own New Age. I know I’m the freshest, The best At whatever I do. Doesn’t matter how old I get, Anytime I’m living, I’m in my prime, And I’m pushing 100%. If your head believes What your heart contrives, And saccharine […]

Tiburón Alone

You should have been here by now, Weaving under the waves with me. Creepin’ together, getting tighter, Hiding away. I should have your attention, In the season we play. We fought for our lives. Against one another, We gnawed at each other’s sides. A fulfilling torment. A casual combat. We marveled at the same lights, […]


Sometimes I want to be your Morning Glory. And break open a new day, Waking you with my kiss. But I could only ever be Your last night’s memory… Reminding you Of what not to do, All over again. Sometimes I want to be your evening shower. Strip you of the burden That dyes your […]