It is not of this world. It is not promised in the next. Should you find it anywhere Inactive, and dim, It is hardly a fixture you’d notice. It is not lost to time. As of yet, it has not been built. But yes, it is old Yes, it is real And its power will […]


Keep me, as I have kept them. Offer us the security Of your Providence. Can I still come see you in the night? Can I be still, with you, As they are at ease With me? You have given us your flesh, And so do I return my own To you, from whence it is […]

Make Love Do

When I was a kid, I didn’t get it. I shook my head. My eyes rolled. To me, it was cynicism. The pathetic words of another feeble heart, Giving in too soon. “Sometimes love just isn’t enough.” Who could be so jaded, they start believing It’s true? Now, I guess that depends On what you’re […]


So pretty. She could shut down the city. With one step, She’s stolen a breath Too many. Not to be taken with superficial beauty, Of which there is a bounty In this world. No, the thing about this girl, Is that her eyes dance the spelling Of a too-tall tale, Corroborated by lonesome lips. As […]


Distractions, manipulations. Conditional love. I’ve recognized each blessing As it stares me In the face. But there was no hope To slow This emotional entropy. No amount Of appreciation, No chorus Of exaltation, Can stay the Master’s Hand, And stop time. I am more ready than ever For absolution. Mouth it. Say it. “Absolution.” Feels […]

I Felt It

I had a strange dream… That I awoke In a dark room, Only multi-colored string lights Tossed about the floor And draped over every Wooden fixture. Your eyes reflected the Warm blues, and candy reds… When you told me you loved me And you meant it. I had heard that this peace Was a myth, […]


The most trying Crossroads you will encounter Are not to be found on the ground, beneath your feet But instead, Found piercing your heart. A road named Fear A road called Doubt.