My Empty Bottle

A form so perfect in a gown so pure, a title of lace drenched in the scent of allure… A shape so flawless, on a frame so light.  You lift all my little troubles so far away… You steal my every night. A head so heavy with a bottom so solid. You are the hint […]


A power I still can’t describe. I closed it up in my trembling hands, and suddenly I was alive. In my daze, I stretched out an arm into the dark And bringing my heavy fist back to meet my eyes… I was met with magic and a heartbreak, so divine. It came in a little […]

To Say Goodbye

I can only see so far, and I can only grasp so tight. But the future starts right now, and I know it’s gonna be alright. Friends are made and friends will fail. Streaming like a comet’s tail Across the backdrop of the night I know it’s gonna be alright. Lessons taught and battles fought […]


Picking up wind, picking up trash. Sliding past and slipping fast Bits of dirt and blades of grass Are sticking to my sides and back. The goal is to leave without being left Or was it to touch without being felt? To move right through, and remain unstained Or to catch every particle in my […]

Track 11

Moving through the zones Like a serpent Slipping through the leaves. Sounds surrounding, all within The metal skull, the softened brains And Track 11 Omen and kindness A truth in you, your skipping way. The smoothness of the ride No guarantee. Should have worked. Like a lot of things Skipping over me.