Here I am, as I’ve always been, a speck in the corner of your starlit eyes open whenever you hear the sound of my calls and cries out to you from the endless Pass, the framework of darkness driving us wild runners of light that fly between us, the tail of the comet, O radiant […]


  Here I stand as sunlight forsakes the world and slips away. And today, it’s a painfully long goodbye. The birds continue calling, and the reddened sky maintains it’s haunting depth. Something massive in the distance catches my eye. The horizon yields but a clue as to what happened here. It must have been something […]

Dawn’s Lady

A woman with an auburn mane that’s swept across either shoulder. Amber-tinted eyes, glistening in the Sun. Fingernails all a shade of gold, and lips as full as mine. She walks, draped in a fabric of divine design, and even this clings to the nape of her neck, so as to hold her there forever… so as to lay […]