Mommy Killer

A ten-year-old’s guilty conscience set the stage for a tale most painful. The breaking voice of a daughter lost, a love in death, yet faithful. If time had wheels attached, I’d roll them back. To make sure you knew it was never your doing. Before the weights were fastened to your heart. I’d go back […]

Martha Madrugada

In those heavy boots of hers. She doesn’t carry a purse. She could hold the globe in just one hand… She doesn’t bother putting make-up on. By evening, it’d be gone. The sweat of her brow would wash it away… Before she rises to rule another day. Martha Madrugada, tall and firm. Her hair is […]

The Big Fish

You know just what you’ve got to do. You know the course that’s yours for taking. There is no hiding from the truth. There’s no disguising a faith so shaken. The walls of Nineveh are calling. This is your time to heed their cries. And though you’ve done your best in stalling, An act of […]

Bed of Daisies

In a scorched and barren place, I saw her first. A dancer of the legless kind, with eyes too small to notice me, butterfly on the breeze of volcanic ash. Wings dipped in softest lavender and bordered by the truest black, her crooked flight told me she was searching too. So of course, I followed […]