My little lamp would bid me light. As I used to say my prayers, each night. On my knees, at my bedside. I’d hold my tiny, white rosary tight. I’d envision St. Alex, in all his might. Holy Water sprinkled on my chest, still drying. I’d beg for the Father to scoop me away For […]


Four corners and I’ve walked them all Sleeping under trailers, in bathroom stalls. Fighting to stay warm before the school bell rang. Hiking through the woods, every bird, I’ve heard them sing. Made a lot of friends, lost as many. I’ve taken and borrowed, given my last few pennies. I know the paths here, where […]

Solid Black

On a string of chance, you cross my path. And with every nerve inside me, I try to grab… Onto your solid black skirt, But you move like lightning. Your long legs both fighting for the lead… How your rhythm delights me. Whether you’re worried, in a hurry Or strolling right beside me. You make […]


Nights like this I wonder if The universe is frozen stiff. If me or you Are just the glue That makes it all stick. Be we the players to the stage, Or the canaries to the endless cage. In places where the Sun can’t reach From the cosmic stretch To the oceans deep. For in […]

Angel Dust

Superstition, so divine. Angel dust, settle on my mind. Can’t feel my fingers, but I’m feeling fine. I’m not moving, I’m not losing Anything, but precious time. Call me crazy, but I hear the trumpets. A joyful noise, and a voice like thunder. Angel dust, settle around my feet. Leave behind the imprint of me. […]


The drums roll slow Hearts beat quick The crowd is crazy The streets get slick With the blood of the young But they’re playing your song, Down at the rave to Kukulkan. We’ve been waiting all year long Getting ready for the rave to Kukulkan. The sky goes black, The world goes mad Under the […]

Believe The Eagle

When he walked as a man, They were side by side, and hand in hand. When the world split in two, He would carry her into the blue, knowing well that she’d forget the truth. How they’d lived, and they’d loved. Now he’s screeching in the sky above No return, no reprise. Believe the eagle […]

Only Fantasy…

Step with me, off to the side Close your eyes, enjoy the ride. Think you’ve seen this to the finish, I can promise you, you didn’t. And you, if anybody knows That we’ve got so far to go… You can take it, and you move In that way you always do You make me want […]


From my village, there’s a trail That leads to the Greystone Standing tall upon a hill. Animals nip at its mosses by day The children love to climb it, and nap in its shade. But every night, a strange thing occurs… With a shake and a rumble, up out from the earth, A geyser so […]


In the sweat tent, Droplets form atop my skin. Taking out from me the substance of my sin. Waking, in the heat, another consciousness. Slow to anger, softly spoken, the “better man”. This total stranger, once awoken, permanent. The pantheon of demons scream in their lament. But overcoming, he and I ignore their cries. One […]