Step into the peace of solitude. Unafraid. Abandon the warmth of the familiar And embrace the unforgiving chill of the Cosmic expanse. And know that you are The atomic nature Of celestial energies Combined by gravitational force And held in place by something Supernatural. You are The culmination of a fantastic array Set high above […]

Last String

Imagine me Bound to a string. But floating over everything. The world and worries Lost to me. And bulging clouds So rapidly Gathering around the string. It’s longer than the Earth is wide And stretching farther all this time. And looking down, All I can see The threaded loop around my feet The line almost […]


You were just a baby. We called you Many Leaves. Because we knew As you grew, You would be many things. Vibrant and alive, The blood of nature Fills your veins. Taller you became And still we called you Many Leaves. Even as you fell Into the never-ending sea Of other leaves caught by the […]


It’s no secret I’ve got a wandering way. Never here for long, Never gone to stay. My hands go up, Black wings unfold. I catch the breeze And I don’t let go. It’s no secret, I’ve got my way Never there for long, Never here to stay. I clasp my hands, To God I pray […]


Did she miss me The night after I had left her… Did she even miss my chest against her sweater… If she’d stayed in bed And felt me when awoken, It would be the first of last words To be spoken… But does she miss me When the shallow hills are rolling… And the wind […]

Picasso Moonface

Shining in the dark. Always coming over, Never stepping in. Not really. Visit us in story, We’ll come to meet you at our window But we understand You’re staying out there, in the dark. “At last, I have a grip on all that’s real. Shaken from my slumber, I’m just me. Alone and strung up […]

Stasis Over Crisis

Crisis is the need to please, incessantly. That’s constantly. Holding on, for fear she’ll float away If ever she should start to think That maybe the way you treat her Is beneath her. That’s crisis. And it’s in every breath Released in the times that are laden With stress. Crisis is giving in. Stasis is […]


Trouble is, and will always be so. For so long as there are waters to be stirred. And there we are, the cloudy dust At the bottom. Scrambling for the riverbank, We clamor for the shore. Trembling feet from shadowy stone To rushing current. Taking into our own hands What need not be. We are […]