One time, after many such moments, A door again came up to meet me, Pressed me by my forehead Up to the headboard I never thought about before, Now I wonder if you’re thinking About your headboard, And about the door that approaches you, Each day I assume, if only to eat, Some of us […]

God Wants Blood

It’s why Cain killed Abel, When Cain’s offering of crops wasn’t pleasing to God, But Abel’s slain livestock was… It’s why animals eat each other, just to stay alive, A dire compulsion, inescapable until Dear Death. It’s why Christ had to be Whipped, and bludgeoned, Stabbed, and eviscerated… To pay, in a universally accepted credit. […]

You Made Me

You saw me as beautiful. So it’s said. When I was cold clay, you rounded my head. You warmed my sides, and taught me to smile. You saw me as beautiful, before you Made me so.


I will offer a word of Duende wisdom… In case nobody taught you, Or you’ve failed to listen… When it comes to the seduction of an Oracular Woman… The ritual of foreplay begins with the initiation of genuinely gratifying mental stimulation So long before the endeavor of physical exploration… If you give into the natural […]


I half-stumbled from my cabin, and made my way across the familiar and deserted beach. The sky was dimming, and I was in a hurry to take advantage of its failing light… I was distracted by an old, horribly faded letter, whose words I had struggled to make out. It was written in English, and […]

Emerald Archipelago

Let’s pretend we’re fishing, and fall asleep, where the earth is soft and colorful. I like to imagine there’s nobody to let down. All the world  expects the rain But all the world are worms, so we like it like this. I’ll never regret having given you my youth. Thank you thank you thank you,  […]


Whisper, whisper in the shallows, Peek to see, the children paddle, Ripple lives wherever minnows… Wider, wider grows the shadow, Leafy plumes we breathe in… Siempre ‘stoy equivocado, Sombras bailan, en el fango, ¡Nadar! ¡Nadar! Aquí vienen Los Monstruos que nos quieren… Teach to touch the silky bottom, Live to see the… Whisper, Whisper to […]


Clutching his fur, I spoke the Word. You. I stood to face you at the door. The wall was like you, wide and expressionless. In fact, everything about the darkness was so like you… Coldness, passive obfuscation, and contrast to all that is naturally knowable And life-giving. But I love the dark. Why you gotta […]


I have no strings to expose to you. No delusions of enamor to hold onto. I have no wish to impose upon you. No stipulations, or fine-print statements Conflating kind consolation with an awkward obligation. Only the desire to stay close to you.