Could I sit with you, for a moment? I want to tell it all to you. Tell you of hopelessness. Tell you of a fog That swallowed all it touched, Until there was no more. Could I bother you, just for a while? I have to tell somebody. I have to tell somebody about the […]

From Within to Without

In through the nose. Out through the mouth. That’s how we get the demons out. At the hearth of your skull. Beneath your feet. The only places the darkness can’t reach. The racer comes grinding, winding down. The chaser runs prettily, swiftly around. Let him indulge, burn himself out. Take the deepest of breaths, From […]

Hold Tight

Don’t give in to the world around you, Don’t let your soul leak through. Hold tight to the smells and sounds of youth, Keep close to the things you knew. Because innocence is at its best When it’s nothing you meant to do.  


It’s all I’ve got. Pull me this way. Pull me that. Tug my collar. Pat my back. Shake my hand. Yell my name. Stab my heart. Play your games. Tear me apart. Send me down in flames. I’ll joyously burn away. Last sigh of relief Gladly dissipate. The only fate for me. All I’ve got […]


Seek not a coping method. But a thriving method. Not a way to get out. A way to get higher. Survey the world around you. Understand the draws and the blessings for what they are. Enjoy learning the difference and how to discern them. Seek not an end to your daily labor. But a way […]


I used to hate it. It drove me crazy. Couldn’t stand to look at it. Didn’t want it near me. I just didn’t like it. Repulsed. Repelled. Then I… What did happen? How is it now that I… Crave it. I want to see it everywhere I want to know it. I want it all […]


You’ll start to notice. A glaze of some sweet substance, Pouring over a shining sphere, All rounded heads coming together to meet at the bottom. Culminating in a single budding drop. It drops. A thick string now the only thing Separating the two.

At A Certain Stoplight

“Do you wanna go or not?” “Where is it again?” “Don’t even worry, man. I’m driving. It’ll maybe be like 20 minutes.” 40 minutes have come and gone. An hour. We arrive at the apartments. Slinking along the dark, quiet lanes. Lights of the city tint the night sky in tones of mauve and lavender. […]