Instead of worrying. Instead of hurting. Instead of stressing and stalking. When you’d rather be idle. When you can’t find time. Make it. You have to want it for yourself, Before you try. Because you have time to sit and wonder about the emptiness. You have time to stare into flashing screens, Repeating the same […]

Shallow Pool

Deep dive into a shallow pool of patience. Angry ride to the end of the line. Pinched nerves and broken sweats. Lost tempers and sworn regrets. All of these and more Compose a symphony of storms That blow away, With much noise made And  little in the way of resolution.

But I Made It Back

I didn’t make it, But I made it back. My friends all say I’ve changed, But there’s a reason for that; It was a quick trip to a quiet place. It was a few flips in a flaming cage. I didn’t make it, But I made it back. It was a long drive. It was […]


Every day I lift my head In search of what I need The most. Not to get me through the day, But to satisfy the night I’m working everyday for the Fif Klica.


A sliver of golden flame Ripped violently across The midnight veil. And buried itself deep Upon what used to be Our rolling hills. And for quite a while Nobody could approach, For the searing, sizzling heat And the otherworldly smoke. The rain that fell and the wind that blew Soon came to make those old […]