Instead of worrying.

Instead of hurting.

Instead of stressing and stalking.

When you’d rather be idle.

When you can’t find time.

Make it.

You have to want it for yourself,

Before you try.

Because you have time to sit and wonder about the emptiness.

You have time to stare into flashing screens,

Repeating the same hypnotic routine.

But you don’t have time for you?


Imagine yourself on an open plain,

The wind softly whispering your

True, secret name.

Be deep in the cave of serenity, and stop-

Just listen to the dripping

Of rushing raindrops.

Do this often, do it alone.

You’ll notice it’s like finding your way back home.

Because you’ve known how

All the time.

The lead is buried in your mind.

Take it up, and see what the

Willing, the patient do find.




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