Fighting fire with fire, You’re just burning the world down. Smoke is filling the room, And you’re choking back tears Because you can’t sweep blood under the rug. You can only fight a push with a pull. Step back, stop playing the fool. Love lasts and History stands, but resentment only leaves us both undone. […]


  When Conscience asked, I answered that _ My greatest fear must be That you will see my passion spill Not knowing, not believing That it spills most for you. My greatest fear must be That you or I will pass Before you know What light you have brought into my life, And how often […]


Stars hang, frozen in place. She steps in. Day breaks. And I brace For the earthquake. How is it possible? Look into her eyes… They are solid ice. The color of sky. And so bright… No, sunlight Does not compare. I’m accusing the angels; They must know this isn’t fair. Sweeping bangs Obscure her gaze… […]


I know I’ve got to pull it out. But how can I be sure Without the shadow of doubt? How can I get closer to the vision and sound Without slowing down What I’m hoping now Is what the Story’s about? It’s easy, when I remember to stop thinking of the pieces, And envision the […]


My heart had been cracked in so many places, My skin rubbed so raw, its color had faded. My mind so numb, I hesitated To conjure a thought, For fear of failing. My insecurities were on display, Illustrated by these perforations, Revealing to the world that I was unstable. But more than that, because for […]


I had fun with you. For all the hurt, The midnight walks That turned into chases Then back into walks. Kissing you. Holding your body, And tasting your essence. Targeting your core And blowing you to pieces. Cradling your energy. The coming together, And feeling together, And leaving alone.   I had fun with you. […]