I’ve chosen loneliness In the name of feelings That were not my own, With the hopes of healing. I’ve chosen to forego Those romantic motions, But I’m never hopeless. No, never broken. If “love is the opiate”, In my dreams, I’m still smoking. Smoking away. Come around someday. If “love is a cancer”, let’s call […]


There’s a lot I bet you don’t know. But I’m willing to show. If you’re ready, And you can make the time… Come here. I just wanna blow your mind. I bet you didn’t know… About the shake. I’m talking about The many ups and downs Your solid little body makes… When you step into […]


Red lips Launch no ships, But black lips make waves. They fire off rockets, In a passionate, murderous rage. Your lips, Are more than This body can take. My lips are violence, In the shape of the sound Of your name.  

Why Omcha Chama Exploded

In those days, We lived on the face Of a god whose place Was sat staring into the Sun. He stood to turn, His back was burned, As the world fell dark, at once. And it was for our relief That the beast did speak, In agony and pain “You live on the face Of […]


No, I won’t be mad. I promise you… No, I’ll never be gone. Honestly. I’ll be in the Bright World, waiting for you. And take your time, you have so much still to do. Read this promise aloud, when you find yourself scared… This will give these words power. This will make them a prayer. I could never […]


It was with a tearful eye That I turned away from the fearful cries Of the willing victims Of Saturn’s sword. And in sorrowful recollection, I took a moment for reflection To wander among the tally marks. To wonder who’s keeping the score.