It’s more than color. It’s more than bone. And anywhere you drop it, Is just another home. And any name you call it, We turn it into blues. So goes the song of genius, We’re still singing, too. It’s more than blood. It’s more than flesh. It’s every inspiration That hasn’t happened yet. And anywhere […]


There was a day I would endlessly play In the soggy grass… Of the distant past. And there, sat the man With the reed in his hand, And they called him Joe… With him, I was home. He made magic of madness, Casted rainbows of sadness, And he called me Son… To him, I was […]


It is true That there are times on this journey That I look back over my shoulder, Longing for Yesterday’s adventure. And at times, I struggle with contentedness and acceptance… Yes, my mind goes to that place Where negativity is bred… But then I remember The moment we entered The Platinum Era. See, everything is […]


When you knew me I was hurting, And it hurts more to open back up, When you held me, I needed it But now I’m stuck. In survival mode, with you. But “I love you.” and “Thank you.” Are two things I can never say enough… And I know I never reach out, I know […]


What can I say? Songs discovered in our youth, So deep and filled with meaning, Explosions sounding off in my heart, They slip the world from under us… And the time-traveling effect Of a certain scent… The beauty of this life can Intoxicate.


When I found you, You were cornered in the caves. I picked you from the rock walls, And stripped you of your shame. I offered you my strength. I gifted you a name. And together, we ascended Into this Golden Age. Do you remember Your days in the dark? Or the beasts that had threatened […]


Way too fine… I mean, you had me blind-sided. I was waiting in line, And suddenly struggling to fight it… The urge to address you, And the desire to impress you We were looking everywhere, Besides each other’s eyes… You were just so elegant. I was much too shy. Studying the floor, This is the […]