Knock, Knock

There came a knock against my heart Some whisper rose, and gave me pause… I steeped my soul into the dark, “Don’t tell me it’s too soon…” AS SATURN SWUNG ME FROM AFAR, THERE CAME A KNOCKING AT MY HEART, “Rub your neck until the… Skies collapse…” My eyes are growing large, My face is […]

I thirst

Thirsted I, for skies starlit and the morning mist’s dew to relieve my feet. But lifeless valleys wrap over the land, Stone walls, sheer as shale, brace the four ragged corners Of this aberrant new plane… Thus repelling all timely wisdom, and slicking away all answers the most immediately unknown borders may offer. Wholly bitter […]


If the world reset, And came a new Genesis… Our image would wax. Mated to our breed, So much am I your equal. This, our code to share: Concepts of conscience? …Our love authored Golden Rules. Our image would swell.


You’re mine, And mine alone… My flesh cries out, to call you home The parchment swaddling my bones, It needs you, I see you.   Simon wails, in quarters dim For chicken patties to comfort him, And by your light, I’m guided still Your kindness, most righteous… You lead.

My Intention

​My intention is  To spoil your lips in earthly umber, And deck your wrists in frosted, golden bangles. A glistening band around every finger, A Morning Glory flower perched among your wavy tangles. I want to offer you the sticky sweetness of a caramel creation, Chunks of honeydew still dripping, heavy beats and swelling cheeks… […]


I close my eyes. Unclench my teeth. Exhale my pain. And fall to sleep… But in this flesh, There burns a flame… It tastes of death. It tastes of me… But it’s mine to have and hold. Yeah, it’s mine to bend or fold… So now, there’s nobody left in the world. When I close […]

The Chase

Last time I chased some tail, It belonged to a dragonfly. Or an ice cream truck, Passing by. I’ve been seeking what’s worth keeping… but that information is classified. Through your childhood’s lens, stare to The deities of the season, and ask them why. Mn