These Scars

They said You’d been long dead, And that I was filling my head With delusions of divinity.   What did they see in place Of the shining sword that you gave To me? This is still Our shared symbol of serenity.   Because I’m like you, In parcel and part. And you are my honor […]

Evelyn Is Home

Been a while now, You’ve been down, I know. No smiles, except the ones we hold back as our swelling dimples betray us. Back-breaking convention, A meeting of the practical teachings And new trends. Not good, but new. And what was left for us to do? Kiss around the lake we never saw together. Dance […]


I can only grasp At swaths of gas That swallow the whites Of her hazy eyes, And lower their lids To a lazy suspension… They’re the same blue lights That make her gaze Glow twice as bright In our private dimension. When Chemical Blue Has her way with you, She has all your attention. And […]

Hope is no small thing. Happiness exists, and it’s already here, like a rosebud waiting beneath a swaddle of folded petals.  It’s already here, waiting as we do, to develop and bloom into our lives. We have to take the right steps, but it’s there. Sometimes the “right steps” are patience and the virtue of […]


I’m trying to let it go, I’m trying to push it back, I’m trying to hold it down, desperately trying not to crack. But then comes the voice, In the same sequence of words, Asking me who it’s going to hurt. Telling me that if I want this to stop, I have to listen and […]

At The Gates

I was so ready to meet you. I said it over and over to everybody I knew. I had plans, so many plans for what I would show You first. I was early to the gates. I recorded the time, it was 4:52 p.m. on a Thursday. I was there. So were you. So were […]

It’s Okay

Birds still sing… Their contradictions In my ears still ring. Each sweet note… Heavy with happiness, But don’t they know..? Clouds still float… Casting their shadows of a Formless hope. I can’t hold My breath for long… To contain my own, Defeated song.  I’m not like them… I can’t contradict these thoughts When my face […]


Of course I don’t blame you For accepting the fade. Should anyone expect you to fight, with only the promise of more pain? Memories of chemical blue Now consume, Like bittersweet recollections of a superpower, I know better than to use. I could never blame you for turning your gaze… And I know I can’t […]