To be as you are. To be known to those who seek. Unknown to those who hurry, those who rush. To be felt by those with a mind to feel. To be heard by those who would listen out with no promise of a sound. To speak with souls and calm them to a quiet. […]

Glass Dinosaurs

I remember dinosaurs of glass Filled up with multi-colored sand. And our tradition, long revered. Bringing you pine cones twice a year. And learning to read in simple steps. Your patience rooted in the farthest depths Of love. Of innocence. Of Grace. And how you lifted us. How you held us down. How you managed […]

Good Work

To the finish, always working Art of privilege, love emerging From the formless mass of clay Free to fashion as I may What been resting on my mind, Good works happening, all the time. Cutting into the center. Dissolving my body. I become you, To understand better. I become you, To get deeper Than they […]

Perfect Peace

If I can make-believe that you are here with me, My hollow head, it starts to spin. My sleeping heart begins to beat… And so suddenly, you are Here, within my very arms… The sweet scent of you released, It conjures up that perfect peace. And soothes the hungry hole Within my soul.