Roses On The Mantle

Her eyes are always rolling. Her heart is all but broken. Because the last one she let hold it Let it drop like wilting roses. Now their silhouette’s imposed Upon the fireplace mantle, tipping over. And that was all she wanted, But now, every night she’s haunted By their bittersweet aroma.

When He Made You

To answer the Sun, God created the Moon, But forgot about me, when He made you. Didn’t He know that I would search every corner of Hell, and the peaks of the Earth? That nothing could stop me from doing the work that your beautiful face, your embrace is worth? God painted the sky, to […]


So this is it. This is the gift. My pillow is a sack of crumbling bricks. I get the gist. I catch the drift. Who I am, and what I’m here to give. I’ve seen the light. And it’s alright. If one with eyes like mine can feel the bite Of iron teeth. They cut […]


Ice and gravel mingle under one forgotten star 5 billion miles from rightside-up, From where they think you are.  Swallow truth, you always do. You cross your heart in doubles, too Now “X” marks both the spot you seek  And a heart that beats in its humble groove.  But who can hear, for the empty […]

Jezequel’s Devil 

​True evil lasts forever… Take it from me, I saw the scene; Churches were burning, the city was screaming, Smoke flowed forth from pastures of green,  As innocent families were peacefully sleeping. Well, greed is a monster, and its prey is the calm That follows sweet singing, the clasping of palms. Neither pillar of cloud, […]


Steady wanting you, like I can see nobody else,   How do I keep my hands to myself? Dreaming in my castle, with my mind on you alone, This must be what people mean by “romancing the stone.” I see your other lovers and they might be big and bright, But I’m the one whose […]


There’s nothing left to lose, He takes a shot into the dark. “I’ll close my eyes, wind up tight, I bet I hit your heart.” Blacks and whites get lost to foster greys within her trance, The hairs along her neck stand up to match their phantom dance. Her shrieking instincts tell her not to […]


Reaching across her back to crack the door, 90 degrees from deepest sleep, and 18 hours more. My consciousness is bleeding out, a puddle on the floor. Whispered wishes never miss, if never wished before. It’s turning into something more than what they call enough, An echo of the fountain where she fills her golden […]


“THERE IS ONLY ONE.” “THERE IS NOTHING ELSE.” These are the white words I read in the sky, This is the loss I then felt. High out of my mind, In that space, at that time Lost both to the world, and myself, Was a voice unlike sound And a text unlike script, saying “THERE […]