​Problem is, we like to play. You’ll be knowing me, I stay the same. From day one, to the one day We go our own separate ways. You think it’s natural. You were always meant for this. Still so supernatural, her kiss. No troubled soul Is rolling between my bones, This is the thrill we’re […]


I watered the soil, I let it grow, Until it came to life With a mind of its own. I kept the pressure high, All through the Summer. Now I’ve got this demon to chase, And it’s a motherfucker And it’s a runner. This is our drug of choice. This is the sinister, whispering voice That […]

Culture Clutch

​Times like this, I remember your silence. I remember your whistling. Most of all, I remember your hands. They trembled. But you could do anything with them. If a pipe had to be cut, Or a screw had to be loosened, You were the one. You could do anything. I know it bothered you sometimes, […]

The Land Beyond Ecstasy

Smooth, dark legs vanish Beneath a tossing wave of Pink satin. Plummeting into this private underworld, Where darkness rushes in like water, Filling the space between Two slipping, sprawling bodies, Immersed in their desperate struggle to overcome one another. Plumped lips, and quivering fingers Sabotage every second guess, And the urge to scream Explodes within her, […]


Sit down, young seeker. Put your hands like this. See the gateway before you. Taste heavenly bliss. . You first learned the Mantra, The next phase of our plan Is to master the Mudra, The task at hand. . Your right hand goes below, Fingers pointed straight up. In the shape of an “L”, Pressing […]

Out On The Level

​I stay as you love me. But burn when you touch me. I’m out on the level, With this flame, but don’t rush me. I feel when you want me, It heals, ’til you haunt me. This cut that you gave me. Bleeds trust ’til you pain me. And you wonder all the time, But […]

An Honest Man

Will you make me An Honest Man? I’ll do what’s right, And give you my hand. So will you put faith in this love that We have? I’ll let you make me an Honest Man. And then you will know, How love feels in truth, I’ll make an Honest Woman  Out of you.


Ever forget who you were for a second? That’s my trip, and I’m not trying to defend it. I’m here to pay the price, it’s just the opposite. By December’s end they’ll see, This isn’t how I wanted it. -Steps back- Now you should know that I’m the last to judge; I’ve been cruel, and […]

Sick Mind

I’ve seen better, and I’ve seen it worse,  Maybe you could tell me how bad it hurts. To see the person who you were Is now your captor and your curse. I’m talking to your history, The second that the first blow landed deep within your soul, And shattered it to fragments, leaving nothing but […]