Victory Bells

Curtains drawn from East to West My body I put down to rest. A season of work, in its quiet breaths, Sheathing the hatchet and sweeping the mess Of another day beneath the bed Where dust and dreams have settled well. But on the wall, There’s a pattern of lights. Like a map of constellations. […]

Wear The Painted Skull

Should I design the painted skull? Taking my life into my own hands. To have what I’m afraid I’ll always want If I give in to the world’s demands. With my own fingers, I could draft a vision Of ephemeral bliss upon my face. But if I’m to make that last decision, It’s got to be […]

Sun Settler

Brave one to break the surface of this place. Denizen of a land of desolation, desperate to engage. One with his ambition and inheritance of grace could never bear to watch the rolling tide decide his fate. Snared within the bramble of a million begging voices Propelled by false accomplishments and the punishments avoided  By […]


I try so hard to turn the knob Of a door I wish did not exist. Walking down the empty halls A hollow nightmare built of brick. Overwhelming sense of a story I’ve been blessed to never know. Like the past is rushing towards me, And I’m stumbling for the door. My head is lighter […]


A frame of white, A light within, No film or fabric cutting in. The wonder of a world awash. The fear of time as it’s running thin. Once you’re there, you’ll never leave. It’s got your heart for eternity. The shroud of gold, the heaving heart. It starts with a leap. Push yourself to take […]