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I heard about you, Raju; I heard you were 40 years old. I heard there were shackles around your ankles, and hooks through your ears. You’d become deaf to the harsh, metallic scraping of chains on the soiled floor of your prison. I heard you’ve never run to your mother, across an open plain. I […]

Tan Amada

Eres la ùnica nube que veo, En un cielo de dulces sueños. La ùltima miga pequeñita, Sobre un plato de tesoros desconocidos. Durante un dìa soleado, Tú eres la piscina, la brisa querida, Y las rayas que me dejan quemado, herido. Que te oìgas mi cancìon, Nada más Llo te pido. ——————————————— Esas son las […]

My Intention

​My intention is  to spoil your lips in earthly umber, And deck your wrists in frosted, golden bangles. A glistening band around every other finger, A Morning Glory flower, in your crazy, wavy tangles. I want to offer you the sticky sweetness of a caramel creation, Chunks of honeydew still dripping, heavy beats and swelling […]

Make Your Mama Cry

Are you seeing things? When she’s wringing your wrist, saying “Please…” Are you seeing things? In an ’88 Civic’s backseat. One hand on your Persuader, The other on a fraying cable, Pulling tighter like you might Never want to be free. Are you seeing things? Crying on the shower floor While she’s banging on the […]


Should I dare to come and wake you from your magical trance, And so, expose my naked soul to you, and the wicked tides of chance? When he blows smoke into your mirrors, and you’re grasping at the last glance Of the mistified expression, on your misty reflection, draped in the fragments of your shattered […]

4218 Orchard Overlook

Will it move you if I beg? Will it reach you if I pray? Can I speak straight to your soul, and convince your heart to stay? Maybe get into your head and plant a little seed, water it each day, and raise it up into a tree. Apples, peaches, avocados and grapes, the land […]

Simon Stay

Simon, breathe. Take up all the sunshine, the air you need. Don’t leave, Simon please. Stay with me forever, can’t it be In the old yard playing so long, you and me. Simon now I’m praying, on my knees. Simon stay. You have always been the better part Of everything we feel between our hearts. […]