How will I haunt you? With both heart and mind. Beyond the boundaries of our chapter in time. I drop tears for your absence, The serenity of our vibe. Making me happy, One kiss at a time.


​Last night, I dreamt a dream of toxic lust; You and I were alone again, at last. We both know what we want From each other, if not from ourselves. And this is our frustration. The fuel that propels us both To the center of this room, Before we collapse as one, to the sofa, Where in […]


Once you know, you have enough. You don’t take anymore, or it could be too much. But with that understanding, you’ve learned new love. From now on, you’re officially, metaphysically in-touch. Once you know, you have enough.  Struggling. I ask myself, man… Why? Stop chasing the sunset, the farther you swim It only gets lower, […]


If you’ve never turned Your back to the enemy, running uphill, maintaining balance, Power in-hand, Stop. I can’t tell you how it feels. Turning around. full-speed, coming back down but… Maintaining balance, power in-hand… Take your shot… If you’ve never been, I can’t tell you how that feels.

Before The End

I just want to do What we were meant to do; I’m anxious, I’m ready to bury my face In your hair And feel your bare chest Sticking to mine. Legs wrapped around each other Like we might just drift away… And what if we do? What if we succumb To the force that drives […]


When the power went down And the water wouldn’t run That’s when we learned the meaning Of conditional love; My brothers, my mother, Seven spirits, and me Learned patience at the base Of my Grandpapa’s tree. We waited all day for the heat wave to break We waited all day, while the babies just baked. […]


How do you raise your head? How do you part your lips? How do you turn your back, knowing they need you still? How do you set the Sun, to comfort a hurting child? And when she wakes again, how can you fake the light? And I really don’t mean to bother you,  Nah, I […]


Sugar rush daydream, Yes, my body still screams For the Saturday sunset, when you whine through your teeth That your shining star is gonna burst, you think your moonbeam’s gonna blow… Can I catch it for you? May I serve to contain your seismic vibrations? Or will you dissolve us into nothing, spreading our bodies […]


All that is Earth, is clean.  All that is Earth, is good. Sugar and salt, and every spice, Every surface of rock imaginable. Any open space within the breadth of this domain Is clean and good. I want my feet in the sand, in the gravel. I want your song to become stuck in my […]

Alligator Eyes

Crocodile tears mean nothing to the one With alligator eyes, toes buried in the mud. With deepest dreams of sweetest screams, Scales steaming in the Sun, Waiting all day, he craves the hunt. His history is scribbled in a dribble of blood, Spread thick across his lips And on the tip Of his alligator tongue. […]