Awakening to the same Sun We rode in the same car, To the same waterfall and woods. We dropped the same Toxic dust And even dressed alike Shirtless and sun-kissed. But you and I were not On the same trip. And I collapsed, Awakening in the next year. To another soul. Walking late at night […]


From a mountainside cave Her screams could be heard, Before they descended To wash in the brook. His eyes Opened now for the first time. And for first suffering’s sake The infant received this blessing, That before any other thing in his world He saw this woman. And she would call him Eulon. The country […]


Unable to ignore the words Repeating in my mind, I take this as a sign to put them down. And fully aware that I am not the first To hear the silky whispers Of that voice, I’d rather live my life and never know “The end of time”. In the bathroom In the bedroom In […]


Pure and natural, This dharma Is clear and obvious To the seeking soul. ¬†Innocent and admirable, This dharma Is understood Before it is spoken. Difficult and requiring patience, The challenge of This dharma Is harsh. An infant’s first gasp of air. A budding plum tree. This dharma Is release.

Last of Summers

Layer upon layer, a mass of tarnished silver Will be spread thick and wide Across the exosphere. The next wave of young lives Will sing their songs and trace the steps Of their grandmothers Along ancient grooves worn deep Into the paths before them. The spirits of Last Spring Will shoot out from their hiding […]


I searched the world for something To make sense of what I’d seen. The hopelessness of harmony At once, revealed to me. The glory of Discordia, All that my eyes can see. Bring your golden apple to my lips, I’ll bite in, happily. And let the world go spiraling Into your sweet catastrophe. Because disorder […]