Last time I saw you, you were climbing the wall Of a filthy Louisiana bathroom stall. With my back to the door, I held my breath for the call; You slipped through the window, but I took the fall. You set the curtains on fire, and you never came back,  You left me to burn, […]


Sugar rush daydream, Yes, my body still screams For the Saturday sunset, when you whine through your teeth, That your shining star is gonna burst, you think your moonbeam’s gonna blow… Can I catch it for you? May I serve to contain your seismic vibrations? Or will you dissolve us into nothing, spreading our bodies […]


Must we look beyond this life To find the birthplace of our transgressions? Is this suffering to be known As our unending, demented sentence? Forever cursed to be unworthy, Is this the means of our redemption? Or is this the meaning of repentance?


I’m not leaving you behind. I’m just going first. There is no way to make this soft, there is no way that this won’t hurt. And if you ever come to find me, this I swear,  You will see what’s left of me, still waiting there. But in the meantime, live your life. Weave your […]


I gave 100%, And now there’s nothing left To see me through the fight, To see me save myself. I have no regrets, The taste of death inflating my tongue. I stood for so long, now my knees are shaking Under the weight of a back that’s breaking As the world just watches, placing bets, […]


I am the strings. I am the strings that carry her melody. I am the thing. The ugly, unknown I am underneath her fingers, as she sings. I am the daydream that stops her in her tracks.  But she is the daylight that slips through the cracks. Yes, I am the promise she wants to […]


I went to a nearby lake today And stood in the sunshine, stooped in the shallow waters. I skipped rocks and tried to identify the former lives Of floating plastic objects that I’d see bobbing in the distance. There was a broom, and possibly a backpack. After a while, I found myself back at the […]


One of my eyes is slightly wider than the other. I’m the oldest, but the shortest of all my brothers. These imperfections, they fill up the space Under rippling skin, and I can’t escape. But there is another, Loving embrace. There is always another brick in somebody’s wall There is always a farther foot That […]


Catching the rhythm, We’re learning to ride. Discovering your mystery, The things you like. Uncovering your mystical, Physical form, Tracing the shape of your mouth Chasing the Eye of your storm. Never make the mistake of believing I’m done, I’ll keep beating on your big brass drum, Until your mirage, an oasis forms, In your […]