America wants to be ballin’ In China, But China wants Yuans, So America wants its Dollars dipped In Amazonian gold. No mariposas, No particular flower, No naked family Living in the jungle Gonna stop The diggin’, the drillin’ Into nature’s lung, So America can be big ballin’ In China And not spend a single Yuan.


Feeling the effects Of being unwillfully underslept Coupled with the Gut-punch Of losing your dearest friend, Tripled still With the trauma Of holding it all in Does wonders For a punk Who gets drunk On blind denial And unfounded confidence, Sipped From a chipped glass Of fading promises.


Under the Umbra, The Proving Grounds Are freckled with bloodlets That shine like so many tears. Ain’t it something To behold? The Pride and Joy Of the endless Void Is born. We have fashioned tools Like The Brazen Bull, Designed to extract the unfaithful. Step up to the altar, My Father will judge If a […]


Precious blessing Sent from the heavens, Forbidden fruit Of secret government spending- Unspeakable relief At your discreet injection… I’ll bring you to the edge If you get into my head. Let’s be friends, please- We’ll blend with ease. I think we can even make ends meet.


She was so ashamed to take the thing You were giving to her. She was so dizzy. So lost. New to that world. So green. Everything was fresh, and stretched On infinitely. Elysium now, It hurts so much to say. You were so vibrant. And the world around you Conformed itself to your beauty. Everything […]


When they come to ask, you can say I did it. I made a peanut butter sandwich with marshmallow filling And stuck it in the microwave for 3 and 1/2 minutes


I wanna please her more Than I want to dress her in precious threads, Spun by holy hands. More than even I need to hold those Knees to her chest, Our bodies pressed… Both at play, and at heavenly rest. Against the dimming Moonlight canvas, I don’t believe she is real. Sorcery-born Automaton, She shines like […]