Emerging from the surface Of the longing daydream, Wake up and Make some Body scream… Give her everything she needs. Asking aloud where you come from, And how you are real, But there’s no answer. This is the ritual, she whimpers The incantations, your rhythm Must match… Until you catch on… Sensitive Synchronization… She’s latched […]


Some folks Haven’t been themselves In so long… It almost feels wrong To claim that identity… That they’ve obediently Designated as A worst enemy- Something that’s never Truly self-serving.


You tore into my life Like a lightning strike. Relentlessly bending Every beam of light To your sinister will. You came into focus. The world fell out. And still… Your presence gives me chills. You make me feel like… Life can be good. Truly good. But don’t you ever start thinking I need you.  

Be Cool

Don’t misunderstand,  I will give this all to you. But you have to breathe… Be cool. Don’t let anticipation for complications Distract you from this peace. How could I ever lay claim, or place blame On you… When the way it is… Is so beautiful? Forget possession. Forget the rules. Let’s be cool.


You have to face The abomination, Meet the Chimera where it sleeps. Your head better follow your hand If you want to do What you’re doing, Right. But the penance for pretending Is too much to pay; If you don’t cast it out The vision and feel, You’ll be stuck there for the rest of […]


Maybe we said “So much” Too much. I thought destiny bluffed With The 2 of Cups. Because happiness finds you, When it’s you Whom you love, And you can never tell yourself “So much.” Too much.    


When my looks don’t match My mind anymore And I stop writing all the Romantic porn, Will you still get deep In the gutters for me, Have wonder for me… Meet me on the floor? Because as long as I’m making, What I make is still yours. When my hands start shaking  I can’t keep […]


Everybody knows I’m a stranger to everybody; You can’t get deep, if you can’t get close But if I show you the gift, Your head will never stop spinning. That’s something everybody in the family knows. It’ll have you whispering hymns In the middle of the night,  Intoxicating nonsense will populate Your waking thoughts. I’ll […]