When my looks don’t match My mind anymore And I stop writing all the Romantic porn, Will you still get deep In the gutters for me, Have wonder for me… Meet me on the floor? Because as long as I’m making, What I make is still yours. When my hands start shaking¬† I can’t keep […]


Everybody knows I’m a stranger to everybody; You can’t get deep, if you can’t get close But if I show you the gift, Your head will never stop spinning. That’s something everybody in the family knows. It’ll have you whispering hymns In the middle of the night, ¬†Intoxicating nonsense will populate Your waking thoughts. I’ll […]


When does a church Hold a throne? When God is alive, And he calls it home. When does a lie become wisdom? When the desperate and dejected Are the only ones listening. Funny thing How hatred begins, It starts with oneself, And it’s taught to the kids. It’s the mass-burial Of dreams once shared, Now […]


Imagine Making love In the muscodine groves, Under a pinkening sky… Our bodies are blended. The Keruvim dance, In the flowering wreaths That encircle our heads… Eternal life, this way. When it’s you and me, What the fuck really matters? We bathe under the umbra, We spend Summers on Saturn. We rub each other down […]


Physical distance Had become an illusion In the midnight realm, We generated strange music… Plucking the strings in those sacred movements, There was sometime born a romantic revolution. Girl, I lied… I was never lost in your eyes I swear. I was playing along for the sake of the ride. I was only in this […]


Staring uphill At 6 million tomorrows, The mountain we climb Is only stones of sorrow… There is still a cliff that begs To be conquered, Upon its rock Is etched the promise “If you leap, I will follow.” By the way, the flowers don’t smell sweet anymore. My heart doesn’t jump, it flops to the […]