On a withering branch Of a lonely tree Your mother’s silk wove a net so deep She spun it back across the leaves And tied the knots Where you would sleep. A thousand souls suspended high, ┬áTucked into the softest white Left to themselves In the forest night. And so you slept Not knowing yet […]


Back against my wall, Eyes focused on the ceiling, Could I trade this feeling For anything at all, I’d channel you. I sink into temptation And it swallows me like mud And I just can’t escape From what I’ve done. So I channel you. Show me what to do… I channel you. The jabs just […]

I Know, I Know

Angels come to me in dreams To lovingly explain the things I’ve seen And still don’t have the mind to understand. But I just brush them off Before they’re ready to go. I just answer back, “I know, I know”. But I don’t. And it shows. So each dream, In numbers they grow, Until the […]


Of those with conscience buried Audience, had I. To the sinister, the allegiance of such Was inclined. Melodies of nativity, foreign and rare True, were reproduced And esteemed, among the host Of those who would hear; The whole of which would be my muse. The quiver of my reed and soreness of my thumb To […]


There were bruises You left staining my neck and back. There were cuts You dug deep into my flesh. There were sweet memories You draped over my crumbling mind. There were all these things And there were more. You took your pound of flesh from me, But how can I be angry When I offered […]