I  fantasize. Slipping my tongue between her thoughts, And with strong hands, massaging her humor into a soft mound of flesh that I can squeeze in the center of my imaginary palm. I need to reflect the harshness of her gaze in my own movements, Coiling tight around her muscles, both of us holding our breath, […]


The labored souls we spill today Grow vibrant as we grey. The stories captured now, Like drying streams, will trickle down. And for all who know them now, It’s but a glimpse. For all who will see and know, Number them the limitless. That endless times, these names be known, And truly, the future is […]


The Earth turns in shame, Hiding its hazy face, in the wake of your ancient glory. Prehistoric pillars of billowing gas Give groundless foundation to your ethereal terrain, Witness to the parade of numberless players, forever flying away. A starlight stampede emerges violently, yet silently From the darkening depths of your servant’s hidden quarter. And […]

A Thing of Wonder

To the trustful heart, to the unwilling mind, The truth can be less welcome than a lazy lie. But when you ask me, in passing, If it is madness, or magic That births and electrifies every last atom in this room, In my response, I have no need to compromise.  


I was wondering if you’d be down To lose your mind, where peace is found, And the blue lights flicker with a crackling sound, Follow my lead, to the underground. I’m not trying to push, I’m only dying to know If it’s only in the dark that your true colors show. I aim to deliver […]


A sweeter grape, on the length of another vine. Or a lasting happiness, at the end of any dotted line. A head I’m more hungry to hold, or a ladder I’m more willing to climb. Standing outside her love, these are things I will never find. A softer face, draped over a skull of galvanized […]


Rubbing the chalky white from your painted cheek, This is your blood that’s calling. This is Me. Morning glories once bloomed, where lizards walked ivy tightropes. It was the Spirit of Louisiana. Step back- to the days when the heat graced your back and the anoles ran free along the fence. Remember the taste of […]