It Hurts

A practical deity. Flashing back to the 2010’s. Maybe I can tell you How bad it hurts, To see your love Become your captor And your curse. Ripped from my arms And driven out into the Earth, I pray, this one time, My prayers be heard. Do you know what it’s like To know you’re […]


5 billion miles away, Through a centuries-old blizzard, Into the colossal shadows Of what can only be Monuments, or giants. Past the tops of withering trees, Down along their flaky sides, And to the ground. Under the snow, breaking the ice, Through layers, And layers Of fossil and rock. Into underground caverns With waterfalls, and […]

Untitled (04-17-2017)

Curtains drawn from East to West, My body I put down to rest. A season of work, in its quiet breaths, Sheathing the hatchet and sweeping the mess Of another day beneath the bed Where dust and dreams have settled well. But on the wall, There’s a pattern of lights. Like a map of constellations. […]


Little baby loved Sleeping under trees, Grandfather taught her How to change with the leaves. Stacked her pinecones, Planted her seeds, She got old, Then she got green. Our Mama Had eleven bad kids. Some grew dumb, While some grew big; They got caught, while the little ones lived, Ate their candy, Played their tricks. […]

Much, Too Much

Well. You’re much, too much For me to hold. Can’t stretch my arms around Your soul. Can’t leave your lovely love alone, I’ll give you shelter in my bones, You’re much, too much for me to hold. See, I saw you rolling In the wild. I saw you getting by just fine. And told myself […]


Every wish is made in 2’s ; The first, for what we want, The second, that the first will come true. And when we lose that patience, The willingness to wait, Perspective soon follows. It’s a kick to the head, That spreads With incredible force. The impact can cave in your chest, And flip it […]

Young Seeker

Young Seeker, I know you’ve been searching for answers. Until this point, you’ll only have known my words, and not the story behind them. And even that’s assuming a lot. But if you have discovered my work, I guess you wonder what the point is? It probably doesn’t make much sense to you yet. Well, […]


Just a worm. Swimming in a jungle Of crumbling earth… Fighting just to breathe,  And swallow dirt. Stuck that way until Somebody turns… Over the rock. Solid sky. Hangs low above the soil, We close our eyes. Living in this crater’s Eternal night… Sight unseen, We’re living by the Word. We get on by, in […]

Battle of The Better Night

A practical deity. Flashing back to the ’70s. Of the few times I’d seen you cry, That was the one. The one that showed me Just how broken you’d become. Just inside, you’d ruled the night, With blasphemies and wine But you had to make a point. We had to step outside. You know, I […]