Shit. I feel it coming back again. Running out Of reasons to resist… Cascades Of geometric poetry, For eons long- Beyond the Dawn, They don’t even know We still exist. You are my fascination. You move me. I can’t give you up. I don’t want to believe That it took so little for me To […]


Smoky survivors Were climbing the horizon, As crystal castles collapsed. Minstrels and mercenaries Doomed for a crash, Split their fates with The conquerors of kingdoms. Flashing their flags, As they tumbled past, I thought myself To be ascending… But the Moon choked back its laughter And spat aloud an answer- “No, Baby, the whole world […]

Peach Pit

There was work. I put it in, and never looked back. Never taken for granted, The clarity we share, Now that we’re here…. Well, we have each other To thank for that. Nobody knows you, as well as you know These hands.

La Culpa

Me das la culpa. Cada vez. Basta, te digo, Of stuffing these words back into my face. No soy tu amigo Nada mas, Or no me tratarías this way, Porque cada vez Que me das la culpa, I apologize in shame. Pero esas palabras No significan nada, What about the HORAS Of sharpest pain? Who […]

Patchwork Prince

I can hear you crying. But What should I believe? I’m in the cut It’s healing up Over me. I can hear you crying, But you’ve been Seeing doubles, You’ve been confessing Your love to A red devil. But do you even know? I’m so close to escape, And you won’t even recognize My face […]

The Like

No more do I hate myself Than do I love these Stone foundations, Which I need not see to believe in, And by whose image I recall my own nature As derivative and divided. Living here now as One who is expected to understand And do as my like, For whom there is no accounting… […]


La verdad Es que Me da verguenza, Pensar en La pérdida Que yo descrubí… En tus huellas… La profundidad De que Yo he medido Por el nivel De mis làgrimas, En este fango de sufrimiento.


There is a tree trunk that rots, And a bruised soft spot, Known as Mercy. Do me a favor? Let the body disintegrate That its soul may be saved, Because this is what Providence Has wanted.


See it shining in her eyes, The rounded teardrops crystallized And spilling out onto her cheek,  Determined streams of dread tumbling Down her suede skull. I never thought I’d be the one To see her shining, by their Mirror-like cloaks, And in a shroud of mystery Watch her cling to  The silhouette of a stranger’s […]