Well if I’m honest, a broken promise Can’t be the end of all you ever want to feel. You duck away. You hide your face. And if they ask, you’ll say “It’s nothing, not important…” But you could never fake the wrinkles in your forehead. I want to tell you that I’ve been there… We’ve […]


​The days were flying by. The mood intensified. We needed time, and just a little space to think. The past year wore me down, No rest was to be found. So I packed my bag, And headed for the gates. A bumpy ride, but I felt so satisfied.  Now I could truly breathe,  And take […]

Mija, Mija

I could never know how you’ll come to be, In this world someday, alongside me. But I feel you, I feel you in my bones, And I’ll be the man who brings you home. I’ll never shout you down, never block your way Because I know the feeling, and I know your pain. Mija, Mija, […]

More To Me

What she doesn’t say, When the talk turns blue, And a lover’s under covers, making Dreams come true… Means more to me Than the girl could ever know, When I love her, top-to-bottom And the talk turns gold… When the lights get low, And she’s climbing over me, Hands spreading on my chest, hips rolling […]


This monster. I think you’ve seen it before. I painted it, named it “Cochíneaux.” Born in Hell, Baptized in flames, It travels on hooves in a parallel plane. It fights and it feasts, by night and by day, With shiny, iron teeth, and a crushed leather face. To say the ugliness inside deserved itself to […]


I don’t believe that I’m the only one. Stomach sinking deeper than the setting Sun. Let me follow it down someday, Give me this chance to get away. Not far, just a place to be, Where the troubles And the struggles Of this sallow world won’t bother me. But my head is full of this […]


To live for the moment, knowing it can’t last. Recognizing that if life would last forever, It would one day go sour. Instead, to take it in, the essence of your struggle. Breathe it all out, unfurling, unfolding as new. Always becoming more like who you always were, inside. “The more things change…” Remind me […]

66 Seconds

66 words Define the crime; Insanity that plucks the strings Springing from your spine. 66 rays shape a halo overhead, 66 ways to take, or break the bank instead. There’s no money in a cure, A pretty penny for your cough, 66 demons, in a secret coin toss. Nibbana’s back door is barely open. 66 […]

Some Beautiful, Fantastic Thing

In your desert garden, I’ve seen rings of colored clay,  Draped thoughtfully about the scene, where vipers seek their prey. I’ve seen the streaks of purple in rebellion  Against a quilt of sullen greys, And the gentle mist that rises from your lips as they separate. I’ve climbed your spiral stairs of marble, for a […]


You feel it, or you don’t. That’s what they say. It’s in you, it’s overflowing, Or it’s not. But there’s no question, I had no choice, When I gave my heart, my time, my voice To the power of the Technicolor Cross. The fire in my soul, it guides my hands, And I give my […]