Launch whatever you want; You really can’t sink this ship. None of your poison kisses, once blown, Will reach my lips. Give it everything you’ve got, But this is not the fight you want; It’ll take your whole lifelong, to land one shot. Why seek revenge, when I can befriend The enemy from within? Why […]


I want you happy in the strangest of ways. In other words, I want to see you be brave. It hurts so bad, but still, I’m willing to stay On the outside, for the rest of my days. I’ve gotta run away… I have no other way. I’m gonna run away. Into the greater day. […]

Little Did We Know

Little did we know Of the struggle between Nature’s inclination, And the powers that be. Of corruption that was weaving Its way through the streets, Past the bedrooms of children, Into the hearts of the police. Little did we know of the fire that raged Beneath the iron floor Of the lion’s cage. Or of […]


There is no outer space, for me. It is all considered. It is all redesigned. I filter all through fantasy. I swallow whole each dream Converted into heaps of false memory Littered with hyperbole, In hopes that I may someday be Shooting far and away, Outside of me. Because if fever dreams can lead to […]


Why did you pry My frosted eyelids open, high And pin them, by the sharpened tip of your verse, To the ceiling of the only room that ever mattered? I peeled the sky back from over your head, And down, past your ankles. I discovered Heaven. And so much was it like home, I thought […]


A heart of gold makes for a heavy chest. Whether engraved in solid stone, Or scratched into an assortment of abandoned bones, I have seen your power at work. You soften souls with meticulously measured applications of supernatural oils, And once you’ve finished your preparation ritual, you carefully slice into the soggy tissue,  hollow out […]


In the season of the Harvest, (Or the month we now call “August”) Young hunters spread into the cedar forest, At the sounding of the Black Church Bell. They were charged with the sacred task Of tracking down and bringing back A pregnant mother, bearing her calf, At the divine command of Our Father, Jezequel. […]


1992, I find myself alive In a house built high, by a man Whose only joy had been his wife. And when she died, she took with her the light within his eyes. Leaving the cold remains of his golden heart, now fossilized. And every week he’d buy a ticket, steady wishing In the face […]


I willfully ruminate within the memory of my Shameful hesitation. Head down, mouth dry. I question everything now. At this moment. And I, myself, am a question mark; I stretch, I reach for absolutes, Knowing nothing. Less than nothing, I believe blatant lies. I am a question mark, clinging to a cliff’s edge, For no […]