Baby, you make me so happy. Your brown eyes are filled with joy, That remind me… You fill mine too, with pride. When I see you in my Crystal Ball… My love Comes back to life. I’m gonna use a certain rusty hammer I’ve held onto for all this time… To build you a stool […]


Hear me now, This is your Servant Calling to you From the Sanctuary Of your tenderness. I hope you remember me. I need you, Again. To rebalance me. Restore me. Heal your Servant And reveal to me The bounty you deliver Into my life. Replenish me. Let your colors fill me with Peace and inspiration. […]


I walk fast. To catch my shadow. I try to stay here at his side. Self-Defeat, She’s sometimes faster; She swings a noose in sight. But she doesn’t know I got an heirĀ I can’t see. She doesn’t know There’s a flower on my mind. And it’s old, it’s so pretty. I’m gonna draw it up […]


I am… So foolish. Keep reminding myself, “You knew this, you knew this. From inside this Hell, You can still do this. Don’t give into The Underdown; You are STRONG. YOU WILL PROVE IT. Child of Joseph, You’re a prince With the power to move, Producing fantastic illusions. Break through the binding spell, You’re a […]


My friend stretched her legs, Before putting her foot Upon her Mama’s bathroom counter. She “picked” the lock So we could talk As I took a shower. She asked if I had a good day. I really wanted her to stop talking. I really wanted to hold my head and sit down on the shower […]


I admit that I had a dream, And in it, you wanted me dead. So with pride in my cunning, I went out, and fabricated false histories I built fences, and lowered domes, around and over my house. I lifted weights until my arms were useless, and wrote you a love-letter Designed to confuse and […]


In This Garden… Boy, I spilled blood. I cried with the Sun God. I buried my face and Found grace in the taste Of this mud. I chopped down my enemies, And burned their effigies, To convert that energy Into the Sun God’s feast. I hate to be graphic, But before it was over, I’d […]


I think I’ll have one for myself; I’ll bottle it, And keep it In the lockbox where narcotics Once patiently aged. Whether it be From a Goblin, Fae, or an Elf… Or just another like me… I’ma get me one. And I’ma sip from it Every now and again.


I only want to feel how wet Your heaving breaths, A woman’s sweat Like raindrops, speckling my devilish head, Can really get. If I throw you A curve… Can you throw it back? If I let you stir, and self-serve… How will you boldly react..?