The Deepest Trip

If it doesn’t electrify every inch of your perfect body.  If it doesn’t threaten to overflow, the wild heat of passion, bubbling in your trembling heart. If it isn’t the kind of love that never fades, never dulls, never forgets. If it isn’t the deepest trip, the fantastic, unreal, must-be-a-dream, turn your mind upside-down and […]


I will if you will. Come for me. Can I call you my weekend, Xanalei? If you really want to see In slow-motion, High-Definition, Technicolor waves, The proof and the power, Of Passion.  


Let’s define intimacy. Where you would go with no other existing to bring closer these few, who feel it. Lasting in the memory of the lover, and to the beloved, no more than a blown kiss, a cool drink, a shallow thought. Exposure.

The Facts

I got 20 minutes left. These are the facts: The universe was only fire. Walls of flame, extending from each direction, with no top or bottom, no beginning or end to the spark. Raw energy burned like this for so long, and an incredibly thick. black smoke would pour out from the embers. The smoke […]


Your constellation guides my dreams to you. Stars like electric freckles flicker into view. Your name, spoken softly, resounds as a cosmic truth. Rivers of crimson charge endlessly on for you, too.

You & I, Amor

Let me take your jacket, hang it on the door. You can strip your inhibitions, indecision to the floor. Put your feet up, lay your head back, If you dare explore A universe so fine, designed by you and I, Amor. Any place you can imagine, Our rocketship can go. From misty tower peaks, To […]

Alejandro’s Seraph

Is it really so bad that you have to hide? This is the highest trip, this is your life. And I’m the One who made you, I gathered the dust, Of diamonds and red ochre, The heart of the dove. But with fiery wings, you cover your eyes, Tucked away in a cloud, So high, […]