Born of clay, by fire galvanized. You stand unmoved against the patchwork skies. Though much you’ve seen, much you’ve yet endured. Living for love, and not by the sword. Tend first to their needs, and then to yours. Your fate among the saints has been ensured. To be met in glory at the palace doors. […]

Mark of The Beast

Quiet in a time of testing. The stain of self-denial. The bobbing head of indifference To the skipping beat of the population’s hairy fist upon a tavern’s table. Drunken thoughts repeating endlessly. The confines of a follower’s mind. The constitution of a child. Questioning all but that which demands inspection. Rebelling against all but those […]


The drone of brain cells dying. Only discernible in times of silence. Like the hum of electric current. Rushing through an empty head. And the sound is soon reflected Upon the mirrors of our minds. And a sonic beam refracted Right through the eyes. From behind. Suddenly, you’re aware. Of the space you occupy Within […]


You know you were my first love. Should have been the last. Now you’re a dried up memory.  Lost to me, and all we knew. Maybe if I had been good to you, Maybe you could have held on. But even I’m not that prideful. You were always on your way. Down, down. Nuela, my […]


Want not what he has, what he has is his. His children, his wife, their life to live. Seek not what he sought, they’ve built a home. Worked it up from the dust, so build your own. Lust not for her smile, it’s hers to keep. But work the ground, keep sowing now. You too, […]