Let Me Remind You

In the shadow of departure, in the time it takes to dissipate, I know you’ll have your questions, so I’m here to illustrate for you the season of undoing in the hurried hush of fates uncoiling in the dampest corner of the last forbidden space. Let me remind you of the sounds that in your […]


Motionless state of being, the humming of electric channeling is all there is to be heard. A million transistors in perpetual communication, information flying, data read. A bug in the system, a skip in the beat. Dusty ventilators clogged with cells of the long-gone living are wheezing. Frozen gears and rusted knobs outside the door. […]


Quickly, calmly, I appear before the vision of a bloom, shattered vases, scattered faces lying silent in this room.  Could you be the dancer I was searching for so long? The upheaval to the grievance that’s kept me chained to cellar walls? The sky blue ribbon in your bun is coming loose. I reach out […]