Her Majesty

Come with me, to see her majesty. Let’s scale the bark of our family tree. Ducking and dodging the branches As we climb for our answers. Against the scene of the vast expanse Of clouds that drift, of stars that dance. In a sky that’s touching down, As an injured sparrow, that’s come to land […]

Soul Groove

A channel worn down, into your bobbing skull. Waves of vibrations send the brain into perpetual shock. The mind, misunderstood. ┬áSoul residing in exhausted lungs, Stretched to something unrecognizable And frightening. As they fill, The breast will swell, And the pivoting neck comes to a stop. Then the breath is released, The withering, pulsating lungs […]


When it’s said and it’s done When the course has been run, Arriving in the realm of sacred things, Come drink with me Where I’ll always be Sitting in the shade of the cedar tree. Left alone, to amuse yourself And a friendly few words can hardly help For your sanity, learn to let it […]


Brittle little back, you’re still afraid Only seconds since you came. Scuttle under splitting seashells Barrel into clouds of brine Settle on the rocky sea shelf Just in time. Sniffing snout, the longest thing Upon your tiny frame Rolling in the leafy mounds Lazy and unashamed. How beautiful are you? You humble two, the joy […]


You’re magic, clear as day. No question in my mind, The universe is graced By your presence in its time. And when the world has nailed Your beauty to its walls Whatever’s left for me, I swear I’ll have it all. This world is just the card, You struck your match against. The sweetness of […]