What you do to me, is a deadly ritual, performed So very carelessly. I’ll never know how you manage to move me in this way. But I’m giving my effort this morning… I’m giving my energy, and all the glory… Straight up to you. When we touch, By mistake… It’s really no mistake.  Being close […]


A not-so-narrow strip of middle ground exists Somewhere between the furthest extremes of an apparently linear existence.  In the gap between the intoxicating, dreamy departure of death, And the grand parade at our celebrated emergence into new life Exists a threshold. Who can know what new substance fills this gap? “Who can know?” I  know. […]


You keep me busy. You keep me in small jobs to do. I find myself back at the table, in wonder of you. I find myself tripping over the same Romantic tools. They rest on the floor, La Brocha, The Burner, so long out of use. It comes to mind, the act. We have to […]


A practical deity. Flashing back to 1917. I am your daughter’s Daughter’s son. I found your hammer on my bed. I want you to know that I won’t let it go, And I’ll carry it straight to Katrina’s head. Of your Daughter’s Eldest, I am the one, The first of her surviving four. I found […]


I’d chosen loneliness In the name of feelings That were not my own, With the hopes of healing. I’d chosen to forego Those romantic notions, But I’m never hopeless. No, never broken. If “love is the opiate”, In my dreams, I’m still smoking. Smoking away. And maybe I’ll put it down, Someday. But if “love […]


There’s a lot I bet you don’t know. But I’m willing to show. If you’re ready, And you can make the time… Come here. I just wanna blow your mind. I bet you didn’t know… About the shake. I’m talking about The many ups and downs Your solid little body makes… When you step into […]


Red lips Launch no ships, But black lips make waves. They fire off rockets, In a passionate, murderous rage. Your lips, Are more than This body can take. My lips are violence, In the shape of the sound Of your name.  

Why Omcha Chama Exploded

1. In those days, We lived on the face Of a god whose place Was sat staring into the Sun. 2. He stood to turn, His back was burned… As the world fell dark, at once. 3. And it was for our relief That the giant did speak In agony, exclaiming… 4. “You live on […]