Thought it must have been an airplane gliding too low, overhead. This sound that shook the walls and rocked my lonely bed. But it was just the echo of your breaking heart, I had been fighting, steady trying not to hear. Until you let it out, and played it back into the atmosphere. Acid rain, […]

What Sasha Sees

What do you think she sees? I know you like to make-believe Like it’s right for you to make the call, for her. For what you feel she needs. But I know her better. I know when she’s feeling down. When frosty bangs hang low across her brow, Who can say what Sasha needs? Remember, […]

Black Apples

Two planets spinning, Two planets roll. Heavy, it’s hollow, people. My sallow soul. Don’t take your eyes off me, You’ll miss the move. I’ll play the enemy. You play the fool. This is the black ball, Two planets float. I am the ghost you love To fear the most. I play the angel, people. I […]


Are you feeling the weight? Do you want to feel better? Let me teach you a proven method; You know you’re a maker, with the power to move, A true artist, whose garden is always in bloom. And you’ve spent your entire life on a mission to build, Until your visions are clear, and your […]


My intentions were beautiful Though, my actions were not. Even the strongest Sequoia may rot. But when it falls down, Its roots cling to the Earth, And where there was only a Solitary sadness, Now, there is a holy rebirth.

De Que

​De Que I see destiny in everybody’s face. I see destiny in the wrinkles of a smile. I see it in a married couple walking through the store where I work. It’s in my younger sister’s eyes. And it grows more vivid with each year she lives.  I see this thing, this gigantic thing, that […]


Make smiles, Forget. Entire lifetimes. No drinking, no sweat. This is my sunshine— Amnotrypterol, No feeling. Amnotrypterol, Your touch can heal me.– No conscience, no problem. My mind is so clear. Amnotrypterol, No worries, no fear. So happy, I fly. This is the last time. No breakup, no lie. This is my lifeline.


​I was only a child; Maybe 8 years old. This was the hundredth, sunny, New Orleans afternoon spent adventuring in my great-grandfather’s wild backyard. 4218 Rayne Drive. Gentilly Parrish. It was full of life, from dry spurweeds,that clung to my jeans and fastened themselves to my shoelaces and socks, to hungry hordes of anole lizards,creeping […]


Make me your master, I’ll give you the tools, I only get faster, more passion for you. Meet me for a midnight rendezvous, I only get deeper, more feeling for you. And if you get cold, I’ll be the warmth in you, I only get brighter, more fire for you. Make me your lover, your monster, […]