If only this, of my hand you read, Open your mind, and do believe, That beyond this sheer plane Are many and more… To recount their unimaginable horrors, I endeavor. And if of all that I write, this be all that you heed, Open your mind, and do believe… In the land of Gehennah, The […]

Little Red Room

In a corner Of the Quarter, There’s a place I know Where bats don’t flutter, Where the Moon won’t glow. And a wrought iron door, With its ornate design, Swings open Yet hoping To coax you inside. From that harsh little room Seeps a dim red light, Where the shadow of something Drifts in and […]


How I wanted you, Before another, before you knew. And how you needed me, When love was all that came between. How I searched for you from the start, And the explosion in my heart To see your little face We lost our places. How I wanted you, And how I searched for you, And […]


Suleman was this to me, A simple kid With humble dreams. To please his parents And honor his name, Ducking dishonor In the shadow of shame. Education was the plan, But I can’t say that I agreed That was the measure of a man For all he believed. So Suleman worked harder still In an […]