Cold shoulders, Blind eyes, They decorate our lives. Sharp tongues, deaf ears Conjuring our greatest fears. We run. Until our legs collapse before a spiral Sun. But it’s okay To step away. Nothing wrong With moving on. Here to be But not for long. Like the echoes of the songs we sang We fade. “So […]

The Called

Some are called, some are chosen. Some are lost, others frozen. Immobile in their thoughts, lame in their passions. Life will not rise to meet the passive. Action must be taken, the light must be awakened. The fire fueled by pick and chisel, words that leave you shaken. Meeting in the sunlight, convening in the […]


I wonder, when we’re talking if you hear Just what I’m saying. And I wonder if you ever wonder How I spend my days. I go farther, I push harder, And, yes, this is all for you. Every step against the wind Every angry word I spit, Anytime I think of stopping, You know I […]

Seventh Seal

Could be an angel, Tall and strong. With hair like wool, With skin like bronze Who breaks the seal Who guides me home. Or maybe a demon By surprise, With sharpened fangs And empty eyes. I’m just pacing in my head As waves of blood Wash seashores red. And from above, Great trumpets sound Which […]