Murder the Moonmen. Baby, they’re the ones. They said “Bring her to us… Please, make her come. Then, make her come… Over, and over again.” So, you can blame the Moonmen, They said “Make her love glow… When her eyes shine, we’re reminded Of our home.” They’re the ones who’ve been Sending you those messages, […]


Delusion exerts itself over my mind… Memories of the flesh persist. I could live here. I could fall asleep to the crackle of the flames. I tried to be a Monolith, so see my bones covered in a drapery of moss. Now, my day-to-day schedules are written by Dante Alighieri… But even more scary,   […]


I bring myself To the path of least resistance, And with God-like persistence, I smash the goal. With endurance like Sisyphus, I clear the bowl. And I laugh my ass off When the boulder starts rolling…


When my grandmother, Jarreau, Crossed the Gulf of Mexico… She tore the mast, but left cast a lifeline From your city To my missing spine… Where now a wooden replacement Does grow. So, I met you in The Nightmare Realm, And I held you, caught up In the misty spray of the waters That have […]


Part of me had harbored hatred. Part of me struggled with itself To understand how I could be so full of disgust For my neighbor… Until I learned The origin. The truth that was lost. It’s not even that ugly. Or difficult to comprehend. But if I teach you this, Coincidentally, You might hate me […]


I could never admit I’d like to make you A habit. That would kill me. You’re too good. You’re too rich. I have no business with your kiss, Except a conference call, my conscience is calling, to review What we’d like not to miss.        


“I won’t push you away anymore.” Dusk swallows the sight of the source Of the sound. We don’t know who spoke it. But potent Jazz speaks us easily to the abandoned shore… Bright beams streak from what now seems so far away; I remember that was the room I was gazing out from during breakfast […]


You smile With your eyes, and you laugh With your belly… You are fresh. Authentic. And rare. Please tell me You’ll let me Play for days, in your hair.  Let me kiss you… There… And there.


I perched myself upon the rock Where only hours before, I’d hollowed a spot just large enough For my backside to fit, although snugly. I peered down the mountainside, in the direction from which I’d come. I was filled with conviction for my cause; I was here to save Gideon, the Magistrate’s love, from the […]