Mantequilla Brown

If there’s any question Where my head is, Or why your gravity can’t hold me down, I’ve been holding back, to spare you this reality, But I’m afraid That I’m in love, With Mantequilla Brown. Don’t take it too personally, There’s really nothing you could say… To turn my attention, my affection away From Mantequilla […]


No, I won’t be mad. I promise you… No, I’ll never be gone. Honestly. I’ll be in Jannah, waiting for you. You will know this in time. You have so much still to do. Read this promise aloud, when you find yourself scared… This will give these words power. This will make them a prayer. I could never […]


I’m out of words. You really messed me up. My plans are ruined. Because you convinced me to open my mind just long enough For a new idea to emerge from the darkness, and root itself in the corner of my eye. You have proven to me, with certainty, that I can fall in love. […]


I can barely keep this back. I can hardly hold it. It won’t stay down much longer. Bulging out, and flexing against me From under my skin, Violating my right to pretend That I’m not about to start laughing For seemingly no reason. But there’s every reason. The absurdity of the everyday minutiae Brings me […]

Keep Kicking

As unlikely as it seems, I believe in your dreams. In your power to destroy, And your nature to conceive. And to me, we’re all like any other force of nature. We’re all Springtime storms, when the wind is right. We’re all miracles of madness, that people stop just to see And I believe in […]


Don’t you know you can’t go leaving me with anything this sticky, or half this sweet? Because I’m gonna lick up all your love, Until our lips are glistening, and my tongue goes numb. The glory you bring is all I ever need, And the honey pot you brought is twice as deep. Still, if […]