There’s nothing That doesn’t Filter through you. Living like victims, we’re prisoners too. Your prism is glistening in all that I see Reflections of smiles, and of tears And of me. Even the things that are new, For which there’s no memory of you, I experience twice By the light Of your towering prism. And […]

Greater Good

Whether it be better, Be it as it should. Doesn’t matter, I can manage. For the greater good. Patience is a gift  That not every soul receives, But like pennies, seconds add up. Won’t be long until we see.  Things don’t always turn out in the ways we think they should, But there’s a purpose […]


impossible puzzle, beyond my reach. Keeping from me what I need. If only I had hands to grasp, I’d have my long life’s love at last. But I am helpless in this way, Doomed to begging all my days Simple enough to understand why, Impossible puzzle, to all but mankind.