Keep getting deeper, the wine and dip. Sinking in seafoam, going under with every sip. Other bubble baths Of seasons past Get buried in Lavender Mist. Camille, Camille, Went down so smooth, I came to you. You skipped the politics, you got deeper, We did too. And it went down so, so smooth. Another glass, […]


Banded in brutality, Putting on a show. In circles they have no choice but to go. And this is familiar As it shouldn’t be so, That these things we’ve seen Our children must know. Could we leave it behind, And with it the lessons Of blind consumption, and fantastic transgression? The fact is simple, nobody […]


I forgot what led me here, But not the passion for the fear Of leaning in, and falling down Over fuzzy edges and solid ground. The recipe for faking feelings That look and taste a lot like healing. And it’s good, that’s the secret Between peace in truth, And peace’s appearance.

Chocolate Cake

Deep and overwhelming, Sweet confection. Splintered rays of light, Cast by some unknown star. Filtered through a dreamy atmosphere. Substance and imagination in the mix. Darkness, delicious and thick. A melting mass of sugar, collapsing over me. In the sugar rush, a special madness. In the madness, majesty.

When He Is Him

My chest deflates. My mind scrambles for reason, For a pattern to follow. My heart nearly breaks Into boundless freedom And I struggle to swallow. Because when “he” is him, It’s a holy secret. It’s a shout that became a whisper. There is a doubled glance In the most literal sense. When “he” first meant […]


¬†We know what we’ve been doing. Blowing through what’s good. We take each grape from the vine At a time. We know what they’re saying. They’re saying “Give it up.” Offering forgiveness, If we can be the ones to listen. Why is it okay to take, And never have to answer? In truth, no words […]