You crave The Antebellum lifestyle. But you’ve spent up all your wishes In another life. And time steps back for nobody. “Broken Past” Do you know what it means? I bet it’s not what you think. I have this feeling That you’re just a little like me. I think I’ll call you by your taken […]


Have you ever heard the phone ring from a different room? In somebody else’s house, In another neighborhood? Please, stop me now, If I’ve told too soon Your mastery of mystery, Rolled tight, within your misery. Have you ever sunk into your own mind? Hung a sign, “Please, Don’t Disturb”, Then slipped away, without a […]


I was in an old town, On a nameless, lazy street. Just another sundown, Swaying in the dusty breeze. I told Karma, “You know, it’s time for us to leave.” I had to match her madness, Shake those shadows from my dreams. We drove until a dirt road Became a battered gravel path, My brakes […]


​At the end of every June, I would find myself with you, At the Gulfside, where the boys tried romancing… Where the stinkfish swam along, To the chorus of the frogs, When the sunshine, and the horseflies started dancing. Come the lazy afternoon, We’d go rolling in the dunes, Sand would fill our tattered shoes, […]


Always hurting, Steady searching For anything that’s new. You get so down When it can’t be found, It’s killing you. And it’s time to face the fact That chasing ass, And coming last Gets old too soon. Flick away your past regrets Like a burned out cigarette And focus on the good you got Inside […]


This dimension, It’s something I have never seen. There’s no pretending, I have to take control of me, As I learn how to move without The long-lost law of gravity. It means more than the physical, It’s something our eyes can’t see. I want to be the one, So show me how to move Within […]


The moment that you look into Another’s eyes, And realize we were always one, Born side-by-side. Every animal on Earth, the child Of Father Sky. The moment when your rippling pulse Is synchronized With each sister, every  brother You encounter in your life, That’s the moment you have Seen the light. That’s the moment you […]


A practical deity. Flashing back to the 90s. I had planned out all I had to say, But I got home, and got the news today, That somebody thinks she can come between You and I, my heart, my King. Switch your name, Tell you lies. It won’t change This love inside. You are a […]


​She told me, “No time to play.” I knew you, As just another face. She showed me, The pretty plans she made. For losing you, She had to catch a plane. New York,  Where she could thrive In music, And freedom lights. Red eyes, One silent flight. She left you, and the world behind.