Shaman’s Daughter

I had to assume she’d seen Visions the deepest of mind couldn’t dream. I had to believe she’d been shown Truth the most worthy of heart wouldn’t know. And for her shame to be told, A curse to be lathered in gold. The syllables sacred and special, A secret so sweet, born in a temple, […]

Oldest Lie

Let them understand, who have eyes to see- The illusion of partition, the original deceit. Because the moment in the first,┬áhas never past, Beginning at its instant, everlasting. From the time that light first broke upon the sky We have only known the same day, And divided it by time. The illusion of partition is […]

Heavy & Hollow

Waiting for some Something always coming To a point, When it pops, It sputters, turning into nothing. Heavy, it’s hollow, Cotton candy spun in lead Settling in my stomach, Stain my bed. Hazy in shadow, Visions of the others. Heavy, it’s hollow, Hiding quietly under covers. Shadow bones dancing on the wall. Heavy, it’s hollow, […]