​It was never enough for me To bounce off the surface,   to stay in my seat. I wanted to touch and be felt. To bring something good to somebody else.  If only in a story told and lost within a day, Evaporating into thin air as I always say  “The end.” It’s okay, in just […]


It’s not a third eye in your head, like a door you can open. It’s not something that you reach when you pass away or fast and pray.  You don’t collect it to earn a better world, a favorite wish becoming truth, in fantastic resolution. It is both feast and famine, the backbone of the biggest […]

The Alchemist’s Plea

You don’t have to understand, This is for me. This is so I can reach What I’ve needed all my life to see. What’s really happening… To see the inside, from inside. To see it for exactly what it is. And I’m making my own fire, So there’s only me to thank, or to take […]


​Go on ahead. Don’t look back again. I’m right beside you. Step bravely into blindness, Spirits guide you. Fearlessly until the end, And I’ll remind you That the monsters we face here are much like us. We just happen to have faith, and yes, the inner strength to trust  That this battle and this song […]

I Am Here

Some days you wonder if the world is on a mission To break you down, and drive you to the point of pure submission. You wonder if you’re the one who’s doing things wrong. And that’s the sadness sinking in, that’s the trip you’re on. But it’s worth asking, even so, When you’re feeling down, […]

Your Mess

Put me on the floor and let me soak it up. The mess you made, pouring your sweet lemonade into a paper cup. Take me with both hands, and wring me out, Pour yourself another glass, and bring us both up to your mouth. Hold it there, don’t move– I’m afraid that if you do, […]

Primo and The Azicocha (Part: 1)

There was a time on our planet when the days were severely short, lasting only a few hours. The planet itself was a hurried cobble of rock and water. Trees grew low to the ground, and most animals lived in the sea.  Each nightfall, the world was consumed with supernaturally dense darkness. So thick was […]

Dead and Gone

There’s a sacred claim that’s laid on every sprouting seed, Every towering tree. Unaffected by the words we say, or the greatness of our deeds. And if we try, we can hear the cries of those we leave behind, Shaking both fists in a desperate bid for answers from the sky. When life has done, […]

​As a boy, I wondered what could drive a soul to let itself be taken up, and swallowed whole. But I was in the perfect position To flower in the realm of superstition; The spider on my wall, a drifting shadow, became my point of contact with the horde off apparition. I became the mantle […]


​I wouldn’t say the grass it’s greener, can’t really say it’s not. What we know we’ve never had, for all we know, is what we want. So I’m always looking outward, to the stream  Of blinding new horizons, rolling over me. As always, with destruction comes renewal; The marriage of the master and the tool. […]